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Flashy Egyptian God
Looking at drawings of the Egyptian fertility god Min, my first thought was “That’s some very form-fitting clothes he got there….Or is it?”
Lucy's Suitors by humon
Lucy's Suitors
What if Lucy from Dracula hadn't been killed? Dracula had his brides, Lucy would have had her suitors.
Norse Gods Family Trees Combined by humon
Norse Gods Family Trees Combined

Don't use this as your main source of information on Norse mythology. Some things are only based on speculation and theories, not hard proof from any texts.
Also, Jotuns are gods of chaos (Not necessarily "destroy everything" chaos, but rather "not categorized and put in order" chaos) so their gender and sex is a bit muddy. The first Jotun Ymer had both male and female genitalia and mated with himself, and that set the tone for all Jotuns to come.

We don't know for sure who Heimdall's mothers are. We're told he has nine, so people just assume it's Ægir's nine daughters. We don't know for sure if Ran is mother to the daughters either, because only Ægir is mention as their parent.

A god named Lothur helped make the first humans, but because he doesn't appear anywhere else, people speculate Lothur is another name for Loki. Høner is said to be Loki's good friend, which strengthens the Odin, Høner, Loki connection.

In one text Odin is the father of Tyr, but in another Hymer is his father. Depending on what people prefer they might claim either Frigg or Hrodr is his mother, but neither is mentioned as his parents, just wives. That's why I just put both Odin and Hymer as Tyr's parents. Male Jotuns could give birth, so there's nothing standing in the way of this.

People speculate that Skadi may originally have been a male deity because a man with the same name who is also associated with winter, snow and hunting appears in one of the Eddas. This could mean she's the original father of Ull whom she shares a lot of traits with.

When Skadi and Njord's marriage doesn't work out, she runs off with someone else, but people can't agree on who. Most people say Od, though.

Archer and Slater by humon
Archer and Slater

Usually I base my shipping on something, but this time I just got a scene stuck in my head and went with it.

At first I was just amused by Slater being voiced and looking like Christian Slater, but eventually I came to like him as his own character. Then again, I like all the characters on the show. I never have a moment where I think "Aw shit, not this asshole again"

Then again, I'll never understand how anyone can take this show seriously enough to love some characters and hate others. It's just one long messy disaster sprinkled with ridicules characters.

Norse Gods Family Tree by humon
Norse Gods Family Tree
I realize a few gods are missing from this, but there's so MANY! I'd like to make an updated version later with the missing gods.

For Loki's family tree, go here…
For the Vanir family tree, go here…
For Heimdal's family tree, go here…

So I finally got around to making a Tumblr
I'm always late to these things.

The first picture on there is fittingly the House Dominatrix drawing (and the next will likely be the equally femdom'y Jurassic World pic I posted on Twitter), so like it says in the description, it will all be safe for work but only follow me if you're comfortable with the stuff I post on my Deviantart.


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owlcyclops Featured By Owner 1 hour ago  Hobbyist Artist
hello humon, 
i know your to busy to notice but i saw you need to find African myths oh tumblr. so here are some links i hope will help you in your quest:


the reason i am posting this here is because i could not find a way to send it to you on tumblr. please forgive me for my bad grammar and i hope you luck.
enderman89 Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Student Artist
I think there should be more Ireland and maybe Korea in your comics! (just a suggestion.)
xpegasus12 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
Did you know that there's a city in Sweden called Gavle, and every year they big build a massive straw goat, one was over 40 ft tall, and almost every year it gets burnt down.

They've tried coating it in flame retardent, putting a fence arounf it, and even armed guards, but despite all that more than half the time it get's burnt down, people worldwide actually makes bets on whether or not the goat will survive.

One year, two men dressed as Santa and the Ginger Bread Man respectively shot flaming arrows at the goat.
Galialay Featured By Owner 3 days ago  Hobbyist General Artist
You actually made it! I'm geeking out and you're amazing! :heart:
randomcharm Featured By Owner Nov 18, 2015  Student Digital Artist
omgad ;-; i'm sorry for a lot of the favs ;-;

But i really love your comic and art ;w;
sunstroke-art Featured By Owner Nov 14, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Saw this news post about Canada and Denmark's "WAR" over Hans Island.
We take each others flag down and then  (we Canada) leave  Canadian whiskey, Denmark leaves Danish schnapps for the other countries patrol to find, when they put the flag back up. 

The Island is only 1.3 km in size
Would love to see this in  a :iconhumon:  post
RoseSerpenthelm Featured By Owner Nov 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hi Humon!
I know you've probably already heard this song, but I figured that polyamory is a topic you like so I wanted to share this with you!…;

Have a good one! :D
GonXKillua Featured By Owner Nov 12, 2015
you're oooonly humooooon
Galialay Featured By Owner Nov 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
We don't see much of weird Iceland in your comics, and when I saw this documentary I thought "Humon worthy". Did you know Iceland grows bananas? In greenhouses. Warmed by lava steam since there's not a lot of sun. Iceland uses their demon lava to grow bananas :lmao:
Ms-Hermione-Granger Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
Hey Humon just wondering why you stopped drawing Jacob and Nini? They were always my favorite.
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