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Mr Robot queer characters by humon
Mr Robot queer characters

I need to get over this show, but it's so well written and the plot twists are wonderfully mind-fuckery.

Anyway, confirmed and possible queer characters from "Mr. Robot"

Trenton and Darlene are on here because they have a few moments that seem to suggest they have a crush on each other.

Elliot is here because of Tyrell's behavior. Tyrell takes care not to flirt with straight men, but for some reason he keeps flirting with Elliot, so he must be convinced Elliot likes The D (And Sam Esmail and the cast seem sure of it too)

Mr Robot by humon
Mr Robot

My site

Tyrell Wellick, Joanna Wellick, and Elliot Alderson from "Mr. Robot"

Joanna says "I'm surrounded by idiots"

Swedes and Danes usually play bad guys in American shows/movies these days, so to see a Swedish/Danish evil couple was truly amazing. Joanna is much loved for being such a terrifying boss ass bitch in this Danish household.

Tyrell and Joanna's relationship is really interesting. At first it seemed like Tyrell beat her and she was just a meek housewife putting up with it, but later it because obvious that Joanna is the head of the household, handing out orders while her bisexual husband sleeps his way to the top (with her blessing). The small glimpse into their BDSM sexlife seemed very symbolic. She dominates from the bottom, telling Tyrell exactly what to do, while he's little more than a service top.

Exactly how much they love each other isn't clear. Tyrell clearly wants to stay with Joanna, and Joanna was willing to risk the unborn baby's life for Tyrell, but how much of that is love and how much is ambition we might never know.

And then you add Tyrell's obsession with Elliot (he compared meeting Elliot to finding God) and things get really weird. I'm very much looking forward to next season which will focus on Elliot and Tyrell's relationship and make Joanna a much bigger character.

Tucker Dale and Allison by humon
Tucker Dale and Allison

I thought I was just common knowledge that Tucker and Dale from "Tucker and Dale vs. Evil" were shagging each other, but apparently it isn't?

I don't know why, because they all but say it outright. Early on in the movie a shopkeeper reads out a list of things Tucker has bought for his and Dales stay at the cabin. Food and tools for fixing up the cabin, but also condoms, lube and wetvibes. They make it very clear several times that nobody else live near the cabin, that they intend to only spend time with each other, and that the drive is long and difficult so they won't be going back to "civilization" any time soon. So it's safe to say the condoms and lube were for them. Add to that that they're very comfortable with being intimate with each other.

Obviously they aren't in a committed relationship, what with all that talk about women, but more of a friends-with-benefits-I'm-drunk-and-horny-and-I-like-you sort of thing.

EDIT: Sorry, wasn't condoms and lube, but lubed condoms.

Banana Republic by humon
Banana Republic
For the newest comic, go here

Sweden and Denmark are in a constant battle to see who can eat most bananas in Europe. At the moment Sweden is the ultimate European banana eater, but Denmark is closing in on them.
Robin Hood and his Merry Men by humon
Robin Hood and his Merry Men

From left to right: Robin Hood, David of Doncaster, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, Little John, Will Scarlet, Alan-a-Dale
For my first attempt at these characters, go here

This is strongly inspired by modern Danish Robin Hood traditions. You'd be hard pressed to find a big production classic Robin Hood play here, because there's nothing new about a dark skinned Robin Hood, Maid Marian is always a feminist, and there's a fifty-fifty chance of Friar Tuck being gay (and if David of Doncaster appears he will often be romantically involved with Tuck).

Little John as an amputee, Alan-a-Dale as blind, and Will Scarlet as even more feminine than usual are my own suggestions for alternative characters interpretations.


So I finally got around to making a Tumblr
I'm always late to these things.

The first picture on there is fittingly the House Dominatrix drawing (and the next will likely be the equally femdom'y Jurassic World pic I posted on Twitter), so like it says in the description, it will all be safe for work but only follow me if you're comfortable with the stuff I post on my Deviantart.


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angel473 Featured By Owner 2 hours ago  Student General Artist
I have been sent here to steal your soul.
jskers Featured By Owner 4 days ago  New Deviant Hobbyist General Artist
Hello humon! I was just wondering if you could make a comic with the stereotypes song (if you haven't heard it you should).
PrismaticAngel Featured By Owner Oct 5, 2015
Hey Humon? Can you do more Dude Bros stuff? Your dogs are awesomely hilarious!
HereComesMadness Featured By Owner Oct 1, 2015  New Deviant
Humon, you are my favorite webcomic artist
veekaizhanez Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Hello, like to see your works of SATW since it reminds me of Hetalia but with different concept.

Maybe it also inspire me to draw this kind of country-based character, but mine are more to superheroes and stuff, since I'm more prefer action-based story.

These are example (you can suggest if you want to)
- England with The British Royal Allied Trooper (B.R.A.T) he's the only one English punk-themed fighter that used to worked for Queen. And he mostly fight with Guy Fawker mask to protect his face and identity.
- Japan with Ai-chan the Otaku. She has 2 form. The kimono verse of her mostly used for light attack while Cosplay verse can fit her to extreme action based on manga she read.
- Germany with Spiel Brecher (this guy is my bae) the German footballer who has super speed and some cool gadgets to fit with his football attack. And he has cool companion too.
- America with Captain Hamburger. He can change anything to food or used as weapon
- France with Monsieur Drosbelle (concept in progress)
- Italy with Mama Mia (concept in progress)

Maybe are they potential? I think not.
V-ikingen Featured By Owner Sep 22, 2015
((Hey Humon,
Idk if you would see this, but apparently here in Sweden, we do sell air to the tourists due that we have the best air in the world XD ))
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Sisi1117 Featured By Owner Aug 30, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
Do you take requests?
mrtaffy Featured By Owner Aug 22, 2015
Hiya. Will you do any more countries as people. Maybe korea china and taiwan? 
EricTheRedAndWhite Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Hobbyist
Korea (both North and South) and China have already been done.
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