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AH again by humon
AH again

More Cracked After Hours fanart.

Red: Them as children.
We know most about Soren's childhood. He has rich but neglectful parents who made sure he had all his material needs covered, but left him to be raised by servants who came and went, causing him to want to be perfect and crave everybody's love but also having a hard time getting emotionally involved in people. He has apparently never had a girlfriend, only booty calls, and everybody (including himself) seem surprised that he has come to care for Daniel.

Michael and Daniel are apparently childhood friends, with Michael being Daniel's only friend. There has been some subtle hints that Michael might come from a poor background, maybe even being an orphan who latched on to Daniel and his middle class family.

Nothing is known about Katie's childhood. All we know is that she likes classic art, texts, and music.

Blue: Their epilogues.
From this episode. Katie gets married, Michael starts a band, Daniel is in a car accident, and Soren...well, just watch it.

Purple: Inspired by a joke Soren Bowie (the real person) made.
Someone on Tumblr told him there's fanfiction with him over at Archive of Our Own (well, his character at least), and his response was perfect: "Good. My Mpreg children should be able to google their father and know what he was like"
If he actually read any of it he'd be terribly disappointed. All the After Hours fics are Soren/Daniel and very sweet and very very tame. If you want more freaky stuff you have to look up Agent's of Cracked fanfiction, but that's all Michael/Daniel.

Real Fantasy by humon
Real Fantasy
Tried turning the area I grew up in into a fantasy map. All the text is just copied from a real map, so it says stuff like "West freeway" and such. ;p
From Hobo to Diva by humon
From Hobo to Diva
Didn't know what to draw but had to draw something so here's my styles of clothing from laziest to fanciest.
Relationships by humon

My site

One thing I love about Nephew is that they don't make love songs, they make relationship songs. None of the relationships are ideal, but always interesting.

Cigaret Kid (Entirely in Danish)
About a man who starts a casual relationship with a younger handsome guy called Cigaret Kid, only to realize Kid is in trouble with someone called Yamaha Boy. The man tries to leave Kid, but Kid catches up with him and they go on the run together. The man quickly gets tired of this lifestyle, so Kid suggest he kills Yamaha Boy.

Gå med dig ("Go Away". Entirely in Danish)
About a man and a woman who can't stand each other and does nothing but make each other's lives difficult, yet they have no idea how to live without each other either. It's suggested the woman beats the man, or will do in the future.

Va fangool! (Partly in Danish, partly English)
About a powerful man who's sitting in a bar when a mafia boss comes over and starts hitting on him (they call the boss Tony Soprano because there's nothing Nephew loves more than using popculture icons as symbols). At first the man isn't interested, but starts to realize the boss is the only other person who understands how lonely power makes you, and eventually gives in despite knowing it will probably get him in trouble.

Blå & Black ("Blue and Black". Mostly English, a bit Danish)
About a woman who wants to kill herself and a man who continuously hurts himself so she'll want to stay alive and help him. When they realize they can't go on like this, they decide to solve their problems by burning down their neighborhood, including their children.

The Way I Are remix (Entirely in English)
At first you might wonder why he keeps saying things like "Love me the Scandinavian way I are" but it makes sense if you know the song they mixed "The way I are" with. They used their own song Igen Og Igen about how desperate for America's love Denmark is, to the point where Denmark will do anything, including joining wars and getting Danes killed on behalf of USA.
So the song is about a Scandinavian man who has fallen in love with an American couple, and when he says "Love me the Scandinavian way I are" what he means is "Please love me back. I'll do anything. You can do with me what you want. I want you to"

Over a year ago a person got very offended by an old comic of mine and wanted to explain to me why it was offensive. When they wrote to me I had long since understood that and deleted it from my own galleries, but they had found it on Tumblr and felt it was important to talk about NOW. At first I didn't respond because a lot of things were going on in my life and I needed to not stress about it, but then they started shouting on Tumblr about it and got more people shouting at me and I finally gave in. I tried to explain to the person what my thoughts had been behind it at the time but that I no longer felt that way, but they kept going. 

At the same time a lot of people were writing me about minor things like if they should move to Denmark or what my opinion was about one thing or another, and I didn't respond to any of those either and some questioned me about it. All the while this person was getting all worked up and wouldn't just take my "I'm sorry but I can't do this right now for personal reasons" for an answer.

The thing was, at the time I was dealing with the early stages of cancer and was going through an operation to get it removed. I didn't feel like talking to strangers on the Internet about it, and I was overall acting weird during that period, like leaving conventions I had been invited to early and changing plans all the time. Not very professional and I feel really shitty about it now, but I was worried I was dying.

It's all gone now and I'm fine, but the point of this journal entry is just to remind you all that even if you feel like you know people well through the Internet, they also have a real life and some really terrible shit could be going on they don't feel like sharing and they might just need to relax, so I hope that unless their silence is somehow life threatening to you that you'll respect when they don't respond. :)


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Virmont89 Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Student General Artist
Wow your stuff is amazing :lol:
EricTheRedAndWhite Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014  Hobbyist
Jeg ved ikke om du er klar over det, men at Søster Amerika kalder Søster England for "mor" i den seneste SATW-stribe lader til at have skabt en del forvirring.

Jeg vil ikke tvinge dig til noget, men måske en forklaring ville være en god idé.
humon Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2014
Nope, i får ingen forklaring. Jeg har intet imod at folk spekulere over hvordan det hænger sammen. ;)
Vaeschi Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014
I love your art, it's adorable and great.
But the main reason I love it is because it's informative. I love mythology and folklore, but a lot of the creatures and beings you bring up are ones that I've never hear of.
Almost everything I can find on mythology is Greek, so it's refreshing to learn about Nordic and Germanic stuff. Lately I've become obsessed with the Huldrekarl; especially your version, he's adorable.

Thanks all :)
TiffanyDulamal Featured By Owner Dec 4, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
I just spent an hour and a half going through your gallery and giggling. I've been having a crappy week so it's a welcome break. Thank you for the humor you share and the awesome artwork that you let us see! I was telling my fiance that one of the reasons I love your art so much is that you take sexual themes and turn them into cutsie/funny. I rarely read comics about LGBT couples, but I can't help but really really enjoy yours! I'd have to say that I really enjoy the Dude Bro comics, but I also had fun with the animal mating ritual comics.

I just read your journal posting about health scare, and am glad to hear you're doing well. Keep doin' what you're doin'! :)  You rock!
crazycake28 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014
I love your stuff! :D
I was wondering if you've quit making Niels and Gang or if it's on some sort of hiatus... it's one of my favorite comics ever :)
8-BitQuilter Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
^^ Hai! Just wanted to say, I quite enjoy your art. :3 It's spiffy.
Furrykits1 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I like the little comics you do with the countries, and I like the people dogs ones too. Keep it up
GuardiaStar Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  New member
Jackthekipper Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2014  Student Digital Artist
I just wanted to say, I really liked your American In Berlin comic, it was a playing out to be a very intriguing story.

Will you be continuing the story at some point?
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