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December 13, 2012
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Barbarians need sleep too by humon Barbarians need sleep too by humon
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I swear, it's The Hobbit that has made me want to draw so much fantasy lately.

This time a barbarian woman sleeping against a tree with two human men. I don't have a story behind this yet, so any suggestions as to what is going on, how they ended up like this, or the relationships between the characters?
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Nazarite07 6 days ago  Hobbyist Artist
I wouldn't mind belonging to a barbarian woman :)
That eyepatch is SEXY.
Too cute! Love this.
This picture gives me a slice of life/fantasy feel. I would like to think the man merely chose to live with barbarians because he likes it there or merely wanted to experience a different culture. Over time, the grew to become fond of a particular mother and son and became sort of another father other than the boy's real father, which he grew to be great friends with. I imagine that barbarians are called as they are is because back in the day when everybody was becoming civilized, they saw how "uncivilized" these people were, therefore, gave them their name. I've also noticed that her breasts are rather small, or at least proportionately, so i thought barbarians have girls, when they're young tightly bound their chest, unintentionally impeding breast growth? I also saw that they are sleeping against a tree which makes the impression that they're a nomadic group of people. I'll leave the rest to you Humon!
Nils-Iver Apr 6, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
what would be cool if all the men in there world where captured. and then put in big group cage's. the brunet was a warrior that was caught. and the blond a towns folk kinda guy who was about to be put into a arranged mirage when his town was ravaged by her kind. both the men meet up and try to make a plan to escape but slowly the brunet falls in love with the blonde. when they think they are about to escape they get chosen to be a prize in a battle. after being cleaned up and pampered like woman they eat and gathering around the barbarians daily with some other men one girl see's the brunet and likes his fighting spirit but also likes the blonde because of his soft nature. she sees that they are in love and confronts the brunet who thinks lightly of there love. during the battle that finally arrives to win one of them she wins the brunet in combat.she fell in love with him which is against the rules. the barbarians are similar to amazons. means that she can not submit to a man , this makes her week and the week are not allowed so her eye gets cut as a mark she is no longer with the clan. as her and the brunet are leave the girls home land, the blonde sneeks out to be with them. she says she will help the blonde back home and the brunet who's in love with both of them decides to tag along. the girl is a soft spoken wise person but lets her anger get the best of here. the brunet is afraid of commitment because of a prier relationship so he can be a jerk at times towards the soft blonde but is truly in love with him just is using the girl as a excuse to keep his hart from being hurt again. and the blond is a simple man he dos not like to fight but will if he has to also is very cute at times with out even knowing it
idk... i can see the one on her arm as a potential son, but the other guy's looking a little too fondly at her for him to be a son..... maybe it's just me overthinking it, but yeah, still awesome no matter what (before i saw the son comments, I had the idea that the barbarians raided a village and those two were her.... uhm... sex slaves?... who actually start liking her....?)
Why does it seem like the guy on the left is staring longingly at the guy on the right?
When I see this Iīd like to imagine that the two guys are prey from a raid, who got very used to their captor and donīt need to be tied up anymore...except for fun ;)
AwsomeLittleKitty Feb 3, 2013  Hobbyist Artist
I think that she saw them in danger, and took them with her, and the one on the left is happy that she saved him.
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