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November 28, 2011
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Damn you Southern States for using the idea first!!
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Dewani90 Featured By Owner Feb 28, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
the confederate army flag, more into slavery and treat people like shit, not very friendly, so Norway is right about it.
Actually it stood for the promises the union government had made and weren't keeping to the southern states. Slavery was just a faze. The union had slaves as well before the whole "equality" movement happened, and even then women didn't have full rights quite yet. So the confederate flag stands for the fight to regain those promises and rights. So yeah, look into history before you go saying horrid stuff you know nothing about. Thank you.
TokiWartoothGirl Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
@ Little-Miss-American, physician, heal thyself.
ReasonableRobot Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
the south. land of better cooking, respect, honor, strength, and being to stubborn to listen to dumbass yankee crybabies.
 history is history, and as a man with roots in south carolina, i have respect for that flag.
 but as a sporting southern gentleman, i got a kick out of this.
Abby7horizon Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
I'm a Texan, and I also found this crack-up hilarious. But your right, I'm betting a yankee would only shake their head at this and respond something like:
"Omg, that should so not be acceptable! This comic is stereotypical. And racist. And sexist. And Anti-gay! Come on homies! Let's all go protest at the White House! Until Obama makes a new amendment to the U.S. Constitution!"
LadyLidah Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
i'm from the south, too, but my grandparents on both sides weren't respected, because of on one side skin colour and the other their culture. 
jummbl Featured By Owner Nov 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Did people in the south only respect white people?
No, we respect people of all colors shapes and sizes. Though typically thought to be very bad, that flag stands for the fight to reclaim the rights the north was removing from the south.
jummbl Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Which, at the time, was because Abraham Lincoln was trying to abolish slavery.
GooglyGoggles Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2014
Often not acknowledged by highschool history books, Abraham Lincoln's goal was not the abolishment of slavery. The abolishment of slavery was mostly to punish the south for rebelling. The abolishment itself was progressive, but the intentions were not so much so.
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