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August 24, 2012
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Greys Nordics Reptilians by humon Greys Nordics Reptilians by humon
For pictures I don't post on DA, go here [link]

I've always liked stories about aliens, and as a tween I made a science fiction story about the main three species that people tell of. Recently I found the old story, dusted it off, and "rewrote" it in my head.

Nordics got their name because originally they were only seen in Nordic countries, and of course because of their long blond hair and blue eyes. They abduct people, but only to give them knowledge or warn them of upcoming natural disasters, and it's always described by the human as a wonderful experience. Women are extremely rare in their species, and while they don't receive special treatment in their younger years, they are later given important and powerful jobs because their physic abilities are very strong.
In my story they're the main characters, and while most of them are gentle and loving, some have chosen to leave their own kind to work with either the greys or reptilians.

Greys are sexless, emotionless scientists. They abduct more people than any other race, and while they have no intentions of hurting anyone, neither do they understand human emotions and end up causing their victims tremendous pain both physically and mentally. They will try to tell humans not to be afraid when they take them, but their voices are so emotionless that it often ends up frightening the human even more. In the story they're neutral to humanity's fate and only want to study us and preserve our DNA in case we should all die. They have a strong interest in human emotions and try to create hybrids.

Reptilians are by far the nastiest of aliens, seen through human eyes. They are very passionate about everything they do, and they love nothing more than politics and drama. Toying with humans just to get a reaction is a favorite pastime of theirs, though other alien races might also fall victim to this. Their favorite snack is human blood, so the meanest will have humans as a sort of cattle, while the gentler members of the race will find willing victims. Like the Nordics they're not all the same, and some try to help humans instead of manipulating them. They're the only race that has shapeshifting abilities and can disguise themselves as humans.

None of these guys in the picture are actual characters from the story, but rather concepts to give me an idea of what each race looks like. They're all inspired by "real" stories, so go look them up if you want to know more.
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Mermaidgirl147 Mar 25, 2014  New member Student Photographer
Grey: cute
Nordic: handsome
Reptilian: a little bit creepy but looks good

Reptilian shapeshifting may actually be a misconception.  the one thing these 3 species have in common is that they all have well developed brains that allow them to perform psychic phenomena.  Reptilians are able to perform Thought Projection. They have the ability to project an image into our heads so that we appear human to them.  So the best way to see if your talking to a reptilian is to whip out your phone, activate the camera, point it at them and look through the Display preview.  they can fool the mind but they can't fool the camera.  Granted, you'd probably get knocked out before you could pull out your phone since they can read your mind. 

If you want to learn more check out this video:
It's an audio transcript of an interview with a reptilian.

If you want to follow along, Google ''Lacerta Files transcript''.

Arrowman64 Jan 17, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I have a feeling you like mysterious creatures and the unexplained. 
If so...have you heard of the Night Crawler?
ToxicKrieg Dec 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Greys look cute c:
Is this story posted somewhere?
DoItCharlie Nov 9, 2013  Student Digital Artist
LOL! ... well done Nod 
wackyredonkulousnews Aug 21, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Read David Icke much?  Awesome artistic interpretation.
Do you read the webcomic Trying Human? Cause they have these exact same races..
Interesting note several reports are out there of reptilians with feathers, you know what this means................. DINOSAURS HAVE COME TO RECLAIM THE EARTH. Just a little factoid
TailsLikesBlood Mar 25, 2013
Grey wins ^.^
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