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February 3, 2010
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World View by humon World View by humon
Inspired by this drawing [link] by :iconrondell:

South America is not North America’s invisible friend here. The Scandinavian boys just can't see him, just like North America can't see Denmark. :D

Few people in America know what Denmark is and surprisingly many sees Norway as the same thing as Sweden, which sounds ridicules to us over here, but I can guarantee you that if you asked random people on the streets of Scandinavia what all that land underneath America is, too many would either say “I don’t know” “Isn’t it all America?” or “Mexico?”. Or they would know it was South America, but have no idea what the countries within it was called. We know shit about South America.

And I put a link on the comic this time as many people have requested.
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jadethedestructor Featured By Owner 40 minutes ago  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
As an American, born and raised, I think this goes back to our schooling, we only very briefly touch on foreign countries and even less on their actual locations unless we were at war with them for more than a year. At least that is what my schooling covered, keep in mind that includes high school. :icondoctorcryplz:
tintree3 Featured By Owner 9 hours ago
Why is all of south america one person?
corn22 Featured By Owner Dec 3, 2014  New member
I'm unfortunately much the same as America and have difficulty discerning all the Scandinavian countries so refer to them as 'blond land' much to the consternation of a friend whom comes from that area of the world.
TheNerdytimes Featured By Owner Aug 13, 2014
Amusingly, I know the names of several countries in Latin America, but that's just because I like to read maps.
Hold on, I'm thinking...
Middle America: Mexico, Belize, El Salvador, Hondura, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Panama. Might be in the wrong order.
The Caribbean: Bahamas, Cuba, Puerto Rico (U.S. territory), Haiti, the Dominican Republic, St. Vincent & Grenadines, British Virgin Islands, American Virgin Islands (territories/colonies of guess who), Barbados, Dutch Antilles & Aruba (last two being Dutch colonies, obviously).
South America: Brazil, French Guyana (French colony, duh), Suriname, Guyana, Venezuela, Columbia, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, Argentina.
Hm. According to Wikipedia, I forgot Costa Rica from Middle America, Antigua & Barbuda, Jamaica (how the hell did I forget it?), St. Kitts & Nevis, St. Lucia & Trinidad & Tobago from the Caribbean and Ecuador from South America.
TrueGrimReaper64 Featured By Owner Edited Jul 29, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
People are regionally focused. Most people from a state in America know all about the states around them, and what is going on there. However, they usually know nothing about countries in Europe and what is going on in each country. However, most people in Europe don't know about American states or what is going on in each state.

America was never actually meant to be a country. It was supposed to be 13 countries (more as new states were added) in a loose bond, like the European Union. People here actually used to consider themselves by their state demonyms (I am a Hoosier because I am from Indiana, don't ask xD) before they considered themselves American. However, the American Civil War saw a surge of nationalism in the U.S. When a group of States tried to leave the Union, the rest of the states didn't like it that much. The end result was The United States of America becoming a unified country. That's why we call them 'states' and not 'provinces' like the rest of the world.
Geniusofmath Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2014  Student General Artist

Well, at least I know what Scandinavia is. Thank you SatW and APH!
AdrenalineAndSoma Featured By Owner Jul 12, 2014
Poor little Denmark.
SomeBodyKares1 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
Quoting your saying "Isn't it all America?". That is one thing i'm getting annoyed about I get that there is North and South America but some foreigner come and think that its owned by America (Im not wanting to insult anyone I respect all countries) when in reality North and South America is the name of the two continents not a country split by direction like North and South Korea. I feel like levelling South America as a country is like labelling Canada, Mexico, and the Caribbean Countries as North Americans which we are but we do have our own names.
SomeBodyKares1 Featured By Owner Jun 5, 2014
Canada, USA (Hawaii), Mexico, and the Caribbean Countries make up North America. Columbia, Peru, Chili, Argentina, Brazil and a couple other countries make up South America.
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